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only fools and horses

Only Fools and Horses Pot of Dreams


Product Description

Only Fools and Horses Pot of Dreams



Give a gift that helps dreams come true…


Money pots are great for saving because you can’t remove the money without first breaking the pot.

Only Fools and Horses


“When full get

Del to drop it on the floor of


And treat yerself

To something nice….



Pots of dreams are beautifully hand finished. Each pot comes gift boxed which has this special message on the side:


“When the first pound goes in

Make a wish and it’s time to begin,

Savings for all that you yearn for.

When the pot’s full to the top,

It’s finally time to stop!

Broken open, money will pour,

For all your dreams and more.”


This standard size Pot of Dreams will hold approx £1000 in two pound coins and measures 14cm wide x 15cm high (approx 6″).


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